About Us

Our Commitment

Farm to Garden Organics, formerly known as Stanhope Organics since 2020, remains committed to sustainability by repurposing garden waste into our premium all-natural soil developer.

Our vision is to foster a cleaner, greener Victoria by actively diverting garden waste from landfills, thus mitigating urban and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. Through our circular system, we ensure that the material nurtured by our soil developer returns to our farm as bedding, ultimately completing the cycle by transforming back into the same enriched soil.

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About The GM

Joel Aldrich is the General Manager of Farm to Garden Organics. Joel grew up in Cobble Hill, and got his bachelor’s degree in economics from uVic. In 2015, during the last summer of his degree, he joined Farm to Garden, which was known as Stanhope Organics at the time. He later followed up his degree, studying chemical engineering at Dalhousie. Joel now successfully manages the Farm to Garden legacy, pushing towards a cleaner, greener Victoria.

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Farm To Garden Cycle

Our soil developer, crafted from a blend of recycled green waste and dairy cattle manure, undergoes a meticulous heating and decomposition process to yield a nutrient-rich soil amendment. This product enhances soil quality, bolstering water retention, clay dispersion, and microbial activity vital for healthy gardens.

Our mission on South Vancouver Island is to furnish premium cultured soil products at wholesale rates, achieved through our cutting-edge, large-scale facility. Equipped with remote windrow temperature monitoring, in-floor aeration for eight 60-meter windrows, and local soil lab analysis, our operations efficiently repurpose significant volumes of waste, integrating them into our farm waste management program. By merging organic farm waste with Greater Victoria’s green waste, we produce top-tier soil solutions while minimizing landfill impact.

Our History


Formerly known as Stanhope Organics, our farm has deep roots in the Uplands of Cadboro Bay, Victoria since the 1950s, initially starting as a dairy operation with 26 cows supplying the Jubilee Hospital. Transitioning to a larger scale, we relocated to Richmond Road, expanding to a 40-cow operation, becoming the largest milk producer on the island. In the 1960s, we settled into our current location, thriving as a successful dairy enterprise until the late 2000s.


As the farm evolved, we began selling manure-enriched soil to neighboring farms, and in 2010, we invested in a composting facility.


Renovated in 2015, the facility processes agricultural waste and manure. Rebranded as Farm to Garden Organics in 2020, our commitment remains unchanged: enhancing product quality through frequent lab analysis, technological upgrades, stringent quality control measures, and pursuing organic certification to deliver premium local organic products.