Flourish Naturally with Our OMRI-Listed Organic Soil Developer

Immerse your garden in purity and performance. Our Organic Soil Developer, rigorously refined and free from weeds, seeds, and contaminants, invites a garden experience that’s as rewarding as it is responsible. Less weeding, more growing—more time to enjoy your garden’s full potential.

What We Do?

We reclaim organic waste, enrich it with dairy manure, and meticulously refine it to produce our premium, contaminant-free soil developer. It’s our way of nurturing gardens and the planet.

Every scoop of our soil developer is a promise—robust growth for your plants, and steadfast respect for the earth.

An elderly couple smiling as they stand by a garden archway surrounded by lush plants on a sunny day.
Young seedlings growing in a greenhouse, with a focus on a few sprouts in the foreground surrounded by rich soil, under a roof providing diffused light.

Farm To Garden Cycle

By raising cows on our farm, we channel the methane they produce into powering the creation of our exceptional soil developer. This process embodies our commitment to sustainability and efficient resource use, turning natural byproducts into a boon for gardeners.

What Our Customers Say

Jim Matsuyama

Victoria, BC

We have been using the regular screened, Canadian OMRI listed soil developer on both our ornamental and food garden beds. The many visitors to our gardens regularly express their amazement with the obviously robust health of the shrubs and perennials, as well as the high quality of our food products. We are very often applauded for our “green thumb”, but we must confess that most of the credit must go to this simply incredible product! Farm to Garden Organics has proven itself a very reliable source of a consistently excellent product.

Ian Lawson

Victoria, BC

Excellent, quality products. We have repeatedly ordered mulch, compost and potting soil. Compost does not smell and we have had outstanding results in our garden.

Richard Ketchen

Victoria, BC

Farm to Garden Organics’ ultrafine screened soil is the best I’ve seen in more than 30 years of gardening. And the service and delivery were excellent. Thank you!